17th National HRD Network National (NHRDN) Conference Call for Papers- B School

Dear B School Heads:

I am delighted to communicate to you that the 17th National HRD Network National (NHRDN) Conference is being organized at Kolkata between November 21-23, 2013. The Theme for this year's National Conference is "Building Sustainable Organizations.....Agenda for India Inc". The conference would address Sustainability from 3 unique, albeit complimentary verticals : Society, Organization and Individual.

An integral part of this Conference would be Research Paper Presentation. We also propose to publish a Book compiling the best research papers on the various sub-themes of the Conference as given below:

· Fast Pace of Growth Vs Sustainability. Is there a Clash?

· Policy & Legal Framework for Inclusiveness and Sustainability.

· Building Sustainable Institutions through Inclusiveness.

· Agenda for creating Engaged Workforce.

· Creating Harmony of Workplace : Addressing aspiration at the bottom of the pyramid.

· Integration of Work & Life.

· Managing aspirations, meaning and purpose in life : Role of Workplace spirituality.

· Helping employees (Gen Y) to manage a sustainable career and guard against early burnout.

In light of the above, we invite you to urge your Academic faculty/Research associates/Fellowship students and other students to please participate by submitting Research Papers. This contribution should be:

- Theoretical/ Concept based including Models and Synthesis or Review papers

- Research based articles. Particularly Research on breaking new grounds

- Experiential case research

- Best practices / Experiences /Case study (duly supported by data and anecdotes)

The research papers would be evaluated by a committee of eminent academicians and practitioners who are thought leaders in their respective fields. We are extremely privileged to have Dr. T.V Rao as the Mentor for this entire initiative.

The authors of the best 3 Research Papers would be invited to Kolkata to read out their papers in the Conference to be held from 21 -23 Nov’13. We will also reward the best 3 papers submitted by the Students.

All research papers have to be send to NHRDNconferncepaper13@yahoo.co.in not later than 31st of August-2013. All contributions must be restricted to a maximum of 3000 words.

A general guideline and declaration form is attached hereby for your reference. The declaration forms needs to be filled up by the author(s) and a scanned copy, signed by the author(s) has to be submitted along with the paper. We intend to finalise selection of papers by October’13. So it is our earnest request to the authors to please adhere to the submission deadline of 31st Aug’13.

NHRDN, through this initiative, is working towards highlighting valuable knowledge based on rigorous researches and providing due recognition at the national level. We are looking forward for your kind cooperation in this regard.

We would also like to request you share the coordinates of the relevant person with whom we can follow up and take it further. We once again request you to please urge your faculty members and students to send their valuable contributions.

Thanking you


Research & Publication Committee


Contribution Guidelines

Declaration Form




The Case for a OE group in organizations & a OE body of Knowledge in HRD By R. Anand, Convener, OE Core Group, NHRDN; Amit Malik, Co-Convener; Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director, NHRDN;
The Case for a OE group in organizations & a OE body of Knowledge in HRD By R. Anand, Convener, OE Core Group, NHRDN; Amit Malik, Co-Convener; Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director, NHRDN;
The distance organizations need to travel from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ depends a lot on their ability to deliver sustained business performance that creates a win-win for all key stakeholders. A key enabler to this is a robust Performance Management system that motivates employees to take stretch goals and reward them for the meaningful contributions.
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